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How to manage your Human Resources with Odoo

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How to Manage Your Human Resources with Odoo

Your employees make up a valuable asset, no matter what type of business you have. But if you don’t manage them well you won’t get the full benefit of excellent team members. You may even lose the best talent because of mismanagement.

So, how do you get HR management right in the modern business world?

Odoo has various tools specially designed to empower business leaders. With quality HR leave management software you can save time and effort, while ensuring the best outcome for all. Read on to learn what you can expect, how to implement it and then enjoy the outcome.

Why Invest in HR Apps?

When you’re spending money for your business you want to know that it’s a wise investment, right? Here’s why acquiring one of the best open source HR management software packages is the smartest move you can make this year.

Save Time: Consolidate Tasks

When you use different programs and vendors for business tasks, they’re often incompatible. This can lead to wasting valuable time and even affect productivity. Why not consider this: You can have a unified front-office and back-office with applications that will facilitate HR management in all its forms.

Benefit from a streamlined office when you centralize all information in one place:

  • Leave
  • Attendance
  • Allocation
  • Expenses
  • Recruitment
  • Timesheets
  • Appraisals

This will simplify your HR department’s processes so you get more done. You’ll also improve effectiveness by implementing time-saving tools and other features that grant quick access to information.

Keep Data Safe

On quality HR leave management software, all kinds of information are stored in one place:

  • Employees’ personal profiles with their job titles
  • Contract types
  • Schedules, vacations and sick days

This will contain personal information which shouldn’t be available for anyone to access. On quality software you manage accessibility. Choose to restrict or allow information to be seen by all employees or only to HR managers. You can keep sensitive and personal information hidden, in order to respect employees’ right to privacy.

Easier Management

You also need to use the data to manage your team. Odoo makes this easy when it sends notifications every time an employee has a new request, such as a leave application.

There are many more uses and features for HR in Odoo to make your job easier. Below we’ll describe some of them in detail to help you get started.

Learn More About Odoo

Odoo - Apps

A Helpful Guide to the Odoo Human Resources Applications

With this article, we’re going to help you in your HR endeavors by exploring three Odoo applications:

  • Employees
  • Expenses
  • Leave

You will learn how to manage these apps on a day-to-day basis for optimal results and to the benefit of your staff AND HR department.

Important tips before you start:

  • For every finalized action never forget to save.
  • If you made a mistake, click the ‘Discard’ button.
  • If an item is already saved, go back to the action and hit ‘Edit’ to make modifications.


Scan through the following sections and you’ll see how many aspects of employee management this app can assist with.

Creating a Profile

With this application, you can import or create your employee profiles with the following information:

  • Contact information
  • Job title
  • Private information (bank account number or address)
  • HR settings

In the Employees dashboard click on Create to open a pop-up window. Fill the fields with as much information as you need. Then hit Save.

Editing Profiles

If you made a mistake or need to change data in future, simply edit that profile:

  • Select the employee in the Employees main page
  • Click Edit
  • Make your changes

Using Employee Attendance

On the profile pages there are tabs where you can check employees’ attendance or timesheets.

Odoo - Using employee attendance

Note: On the main employee’s page, the icon on the upper right can alternate between:

  • Red: when employee is absent at the time
  • Green: when employee is present

Managing Contracts

On the main menu, there’s a Contracts button. Select it to view and create new contracts, or perform other tasks:

  • Creating new contracts: Click on Create and complete the fields in the pop-up window.
  • New contracts are automatically sorted under the column New, but they can be dragged to other categories and organized to your liking.
  • Editing: Click on the contract and the Edit button or on the top right button of the contract.
  • Importing: Contracts can also be imported from other devices. Select Import, next to Create, and load the file.

Odoo - Managing Contracts

Managing Different Departments

Set up your company’s departments on the Departments main menu. Again, you can either create new departments or import them from a device. Select Create and in the new window, insert information and then save.

Departments can also be created when you’re setting up employee profiles:

  • Under Position, click on the Department field
  • A drop-down menu will appear with existing departments and a Create & Edit option, which you will select.
  • A new window similar to the department's page will appear.
  • Use this window to create a new department.

As explained above, you can create new employee profiles in the Departments page. Select the Employees button on the desired department and create or import an employee.

Odoo - Managing Different Departments

Handy Tips on Managing Employees in Odoo

  • Use the progression bar in every department to monitor absence percentages
  • Configure the company’s working hours to calculate timesheets or allocate leave with the default calendar. Simply do the following:
    • Select Configuration on the main menu
    • Pick Settings
    • Tick the box and set up the time on the drop-down menu below
    • Remember to save

With the right HR leave management software, you get tasks done faster. You also have the benefit of easy access to accurate data.

Odoo - Managing Different Departments 2


Managing expenses becomes easy, which is why Odoo is one of the best open source HR management software systems. This helps you monitor your company’s cashflow much better than before. Odoo’s features include:

  • Manage your employees’ expenses
  • Access receipts and expense submissions
  • Create, validate or refuse expenses straight from Odoo
  • Oversee a team’s expense records and make sure they stay on budget

How to Effectively Manage Expenses with Odoo

All kinds of expenses can be managed with Odoo, including:

  • Office supplies
  • Travel and gas expenses for company use
  • Meals

The submission process is simple. Employees can take a picture of receipts and attach them to expense records or an email.


To properly track expenses, you need to configure first. Follow these steps:

  • Pick Configuration from the main menu.
  • Click on Expense Products.
  • Create a new expense to see a pop-up window where you’ll define the expense’s criteria.
  • Set a cost. Note: this only applies to fixed price items, such as stationery of which you know the cost already. With other expenses, such as meal expenses, wait for the report of the real cost from the employee.

Odoo - Configuration

Recording Expenses

Odoo - Recording Expenses

To manually record expenses, use the menu options or email:

  • Menu: Go to My Expenses on the main menu and select Expenses to Submit. Select Create and start adding information.
  • Email: First configure an email alias by navigating to Configurations, selecting Settings and ticking the box under Records. Click on the link to set it up.
  • Employees only need to send a snapshot of the receipt or forward a bill. Only employees’ authenticated email addresses are accepted.

Approval of Expenses

Once the expenses are created, they need to be submitted to a manager. Where expenses are manually created, there’s a list of expenses:

  • Select the ones ready to be submitted
  • Click on Action
  • Select Expense: Submit To Manager

Alternatively, click on an individual expense and click on the Submit to Manager button under Edit.

After the expense is submitted it can be found under Expense Reports of the My Expenses menu. Each one will have a status: Submitted or Approved.

If an expense is refused, go to Refused Reports where it can be edited and resubmitted.

Odoo - Approval Expenses

Managers can do one of the following with an expense in the main menu:

  • Review
  • Send feedback
  • Approve
  • Refuse

The Role of the Accounting Department

The accounting department can check accounts, expense products and taxes of approved expenses reports. You can also:

  • Do journal entries:
    • In Expense Report, go to Post (under Expenses) and then Post Journal Entries.
  • Reimburse employees:
    • Click on Register a Payment.
  • Charge customers:
    • In the same page the alias email was made, go to Billing and tick the box Customer Billing. Return to Expense Products (where you first configured expenses) and set up the Invoicing method.
  • Manage sales expenses:
    • A salesperson can create and confirm a Sales Order for services provided to customers. This helps you link expenses to a sale order. To finish, create an invoice for that expense.

When you manage most of your expense tasks from one HR leave management software platform, you prevent many mistakes. You also simplify all role players’ tasks.

Vacation management documents are often laborious to manage. They’re also hard to read and coordinate with the personal schedules of employees, especially in big companies.

Odoo tracks:

  • Vacations
  • Leave
  • Sick days

You can see it all in one single view.

The Value of Effective HR Leave Management Software

You teams will be kept well-organized, empowered to easily distribute tasks during someone’s absence. You can also make an informed decision on whether another employee’s request for vacation days can be approved or not.

Configure the different types of leave on the Configuration menu. Odoo already has a few defined leave options but you can edit and create new ones according to your company’s guidelines.

How Employees Use the Leave Options on Odoo

Employees request vacation days via the app:

  • On the main menu, hover over My Leaves and select Leaves Request.
  • You’ll be redirected to a calendar page and click on the day (or days) you need to request. A pop-up window will open.
  • Complete the required fields and Save.
  • To request allocations, on My Leaves select the last option.
  • Create and fill the fields.

On the same main menu, you can see the Leaves Summary with all your requests and their status.

Odoo - Leave Options Odoo

Leave Options for Managers

A manager will receive the leave and leave allocation requests. You can check them on Leaves to Approve and choose between Leaves and Leaves Allocation. You’ll see a list of the requests, which you can approve or refuse by simply clicking on the appropriate action

Odoo - Options Managers

Leave Reports and Overviews

Empower yourself with information with the helpful overview reports. Select Dashboard to get an overview of everyone’s leave dates. You can click on them to prompt a new window that will let you see the requests. You can even approve or refuse them straight from this platform if you wish.

Similar tasks can be done in the Reporting option, after selecting Leave Details. Here you’ll also access graphic reports and statistics of the requested leave.

To get another perspective, change to a calendar view. This is the last view option, on the top right under the search bar.

This comprehensive approach that enables both employees AND their managers makes Odoo one of the best open source HR management software options on the modern market.

Odoo - Reports and Overviews


Can you see how much is possible with the help of Hopefully, this article helped you set up the Odoo apps? Set them up to your preferences and start managing your employees in a new dynamic way. Then see how using the best open source HR management software changes your company for the better.

The learning process is different for everyone. If you still have questions, keep this document as your reference, or talk to one of our friendly team members for some advice.

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