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Get to know our new Odoo module for Mailspring

Alexandra Mota
January 2018 — 2356 views Mailspring Mailspring Plug-in Odoo Odoo module OdooGap

Create and manage Projects in Odoo: A step-by-step guide

Alexandra Mota
January 2018 — 2624 views Odoo Odoo Projects Odoo apps Project Management

How to manage your Human Resources with Odoo

Alexandra Mota
January 2018 — 1242 views HR HR management Human Resources Human Resources Management Odoo Odoo apps

Leads and Prospects

January 2017 — 1103 views

The LXD container hypervisor

October 2016 — 1756 views containers system administration

OAS - Open Adoption Software

July 2016 — 1201 views

PostgreSQL on Docker

June 2016 — 1793 views Odoo PostgreSQL

Sales Management

March 2016 — 881 views CRM Odoo Sales Management

Background processes in Odoo

March 2016 — 5116 views Development Odoo Python

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