Odoo Enterprise

 Odoo is a highly customizable ERP software that is made up of an integrated suite of business modules. Odoo integrates all of your business functions into a single environment and allows businesses to focus more on business opportunities rather than wasting time on unnecessary data entry. 

Odoo Community vs. Odoo Enterprise


    Enterprise Apps
    Not available
         Standard interface                    
    Support & Upgrades
    Not included
      Community & Store Apps
      Can install any module
      Required Hardware
      from 2 CPU / 2 RAM
      Mobile Version


    Enterprise Apps
    Included in package
      Easy to use and fast navigation
      Support & Upgrades
      Included by vendor
      Community & Store Apps
      Can install any module
      Required Hardware
      from 2 CPU / 2 RAM
      Mobile Version
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                                                  Odoo Apps

Odoo Accounting

Odoo makes accounting easy with auto-complete vendor data, automatic reminders, simplified document management, integrated customer communication, validation workflows, pre-filled vendor bills, bank integrations, customer management, dynamic reports, business analysis, customer invoices and templates, automatic invoice followup, and more!.


Odoo Manufacturing

All of your manufacturing needs in one place! With the Manufacturing, Quality, Maintenance, PLM, Accounting, Inventory, and Procurement apps, you'll have easy and convenient communication across every department. All the information you need is just a tap away!

Odoo Sales

Closing opportunities with Odoo Sales is simple! Between the pre-defined quotations, a smooth customizable interface and dashboards, the integration with major shipping companies, and detailed sales analysis reports, the Odoo Sales app has everything you will need.

Odoo • Image and Text

Odoo Inventory

Stay on top of all your inventory operations with a customizable dashboard, delivery status updates, barcode interface, simple shipping label creation and integration with major shipping companies, product order management, inventory reports, and lots more. 

Odoo Inventory is fully integrated with the Manufacturing, Sales, and Purchases apps to keep everyone on the same page.

Check out the features of Odoo Enterprise:


Unlimited Functional support, Version Upgrades,Hosting


Inventory Management, Purchase Management, Barcode support, Shipping: UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS, Multi-Company flows

User Interface

Desktop, Mobile version


MRP, IoT, MRP II (Work center Control Panel and Scheduling), PLM, Maintenance, Quality, Shipping: UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS


Screen Customization, Report Designer Menus Editor, Apps Creator


Website Builder, Blogs, Presentations, Versioning, 
Themes (Extra Fee), Form Builder, Call-to-Action Blocks, A/B Testing

Project Management

Tasks, Timesheets, Forecasts

EcommerceFull eCommerce, Shipping Connectors, eBay Connector

Sales Management

CRM, Sales, Customer Portal, VoIP Integration, eSignature, Subscriptions, Digital products, Helpdesk 

Point of Sale

Point of Sale, PoS Restaurants, Loyalty cards


Employee Directory, Expenses, Leaves, Recruitment  Appraisals, Departments Dashboard 


Events, Expenses, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Marketing Automation, Lead Scoring, Email Marketing Templates

Why should your company choose Odoo Enterprise?

Odoo EE takes you one step further with improved accounting, user interface, and paid licenses. You can customize your system directly in the application. Odoo EE offers bug fixes, functional support and version upgrades. Odoo Enterprise is not open-sourced and the code is only provided by Odoo and official Odoo partners. 
  • Remarkable User-Interface                                                                   
  • Modular Platform  
  • Flexible
  • Cost-Effective
  • Frequent Updates 
  • No Vendor Lock-In 
  • ... and for the same reasons 3 million+ users choose to grow their businesses with Odoo!  

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.