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eCommerce + Inventory + Accounting in one place

First time eCommerce owners might not feel the need, but it's easy to imagine:

After you got the sales there are lot's of things you still need to handle
planning, manufacturing, purchase, shipping, accounting... Odoo does it all for you 


Want to learn more about how to create an online shop with Odoo?

Take a look at our article How to create an online shop with the eCommerce app.

An open source eCommerce software that has everything you need


Choose a custom theme with a professional look and adjust it to your business


Automated inventory and sales reports and stock adjustments


Customers may have their own portal to view and download their invoices and track orders


You can up-sell, cross-sell and enable cart recovery to effectively boost your sales

Manage  your online business as you want. Not as the software dictates.

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  Easily design your pages by dragging and dropping elements in the page.

 Improve your customers’ shopping experience with interactive tools and access to information.

  Know exactly where your product is. Track every stock move from supplier to customer.

  Boost your sales. Upsell and cross-sell products, create promotions and the list goes on.

 Make multiple shipping and payment methods available to your customers.

 Sell on Amazon and eBay.

Handle your online business accounting


You don't have to do your accounting on a separate system anymore. Odoo will integrate your eCommerce and Accounting apps automatically.

All your information in the same place and available with a click.

See here  Why having separate systems for accounting and eCommerce is costing you money. 

It's never too late to improve your business

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