Mailspring  Odoo Connector

Mailspring  Odoo Connector

A Mailspring plug-in developed to help you save time


Mailspring  is an open-source and free email app for Windows, Mac and Linux OS. You can manage multiple accounts, track activity, and links.

Mailspring Odoo Connector is a plug-in that will help you save time. You can access information quickly about your customers.

With this feature, you don’t need to open Odoo to look for information about who you’re exchanging emails with.

In Mailspring, click on the email. On the top, you can see the client’s total sales and the number of new leads.

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 Boost productivity

 Processes are easier

 Make decisions faster

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Every time you receive an email, on top of the message you’ll see new information about the sender.

You can see the number of leads and the quantity invoiced so far.