All-in-one manufacturing solution


All in one place

Have all your information in one place and reduce time waste inserting the same data over and over again. Sales module will generate manufacturing and purchase of raw materials.

Just configure your Bill of Materials and set how Odoo drives the procurement mechanism and stop worrying about things that should be simple, let Odoo create the request for quotations (RFQ), purchase orders (PO), quality control (QC) and at the end it will also handle your books.

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Modern Manufacturing

You don't have to get different systems to manage your departments anymore.

Odoo is more than office management tools. With Odoo apps, you can:

 Simplify processes

 Increase productivity

 Access information quickly

 Make decisions faster 

You have everything you need for an accurate resource planning


  • PLM

  • Bill of Materials

  • Versioning

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Routings

  • Worksheets


  • Planning

  • Control Panel

  • Work orders

Supply Chain

  • MPS

  • Routes

  • Procurement Rules

Quality Maintenance

  • Control Pannels

  • Checks (SPC)

  • Alerts


  • Equipment Management

  • Maintenance Requests

Discover Odoo manufacturing solutions

Kanban view available across all applications for a better overview of processes

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Odoo covers every software need of your manufacturing  organisation. MRP, PLM, Maintenance, and Quality. 

You know what is happening at all times in your supply chain. All the departments involved in the process are immediately updated.

They solve problems quickly to continue production as soon as possible.

With all this information in one place, it is easy sorting through it. Filter and group metrics or display them in a histogram and pivot table.


The MRP app acts as a control system to the production planning, scheduling  and inventory.

You can plan manufacturing orders automatically (based on demand forecast, stock available and indirect demand).

Make quality checks during production or block orders if something goes wrong (a broken tool, for example).

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Create manufacturing orders and bills of materials.


Automate scheduling.

Plan your MPS and the demand forecast.  

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PLM is an app for engineering management. The engineering department can handle changes faster, thanks to:

 Real-time communication with other departments

 Simple approvals

 Easy document managemen t

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Maintenance is an important part to keep the business going. If something goes wrong with the equipment, it needs to fixing as fast as possible.

Receive maintenance requests in real-time. Automate preventive maintenance.

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Maintenance  requests are displayed according to their status. Easily drag and drop requests to advance or pull backstages .


Quality Management during production is very important. You need to check your products to make sure they’re perfect.

Defects and imperfections compromise the usability and aesthetics of the product.

 Define quality control points, check inventory after and during production

 Decide on a quality control plan to trigger in-process, final and receiving inspections

 Track PPAP submissions, configure SPC and attach PFMEA documents to routings

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OdooGap Manufacturing Services

At OdooGap we help you setting up your system in a way that matches your production process.

We also provide integration services with any system that has an open application interface like shipping providers and payment gateways or any devices.

  •  Odoo provides solutions to complex problems.