Any online business owner can effectively manage their accounting using Odoo. The eCommerce and Accounting apps act as one, with a centralized database that is updated in real-time.

People who have unrelated platforms for ecommerce and accounting spend more time making sure the systems are consistent than building relationships with their customers.

Stop copying information from one place to another

 Manually inputting data is a dull task prone to mistakes

 Incorrect or missing information can cost you customers

 You can’t make informed business decisions quickly

 Lose insight into new revenue opportunities

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Businesses can benefit from using Odoo Accounting and Odoo eCommerce

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  Easily keep track of information with just a few clicks

 Simplify and automate business processes

 Get greater control over their business

 Track every stock move. Even if they’re virtual

 Spend more time focusing on customers and new strategies to increase revenue

Accurate information can increase your revenue from 25% up to 95%. For that, you need to know everything about your customers and have that information at hand.

Odoo Accounting and eCommerce share information that you can find in seconds. Everything you need to know is only a click away.

Odoo Accounting and eCommerce apps work as a unique system. 

Each app has useful features

Odoo Accounting



  Access information from anywhere with the mobile app

  Save time with automated processes and easy reconciliation

 Make your own HMRC VAT Return Statement with a click

 Take control of your bills and expenses

 Live bank feed and import statements (OFX, QIF, CSV, Coda)

Odoo eCommerce



   Easily design your pages by dragging and dropping elements on the page.

  Improve your customers’ shopping experience with interactive tools and access to information.

  Know exactly where your product is. Track every stock move from supplier to customer.

  Boost your sales. Upsell and cross-sell products and create promotions. The list goes on.

  Make multiple shipping and payment methods available to your customers.

  Sell on Amazon and eBay.

Odoo will simplify, streamline and automate your business processes. Spend your time developing relationships with your customers. Or finding new opportunities to grow your online business.

OdooGap also provides a module that helps you take care of your VAT without hassle.

The HMRC VAT module produces a full VAT Return Statement to submit to HMRC.

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Automatically calculates your VAT and creates a detailed report

Stop with manual entries and imports or exports of data

Say goodbye to complex formulas and Excel sheets

5 reasons why you should make a change to Odoo:

1. No licensing fees. Forever.

2. Centralized information. One database that is updated across all systems in real-time.

3. Customize and personalize apps, module and features to your liking.

4. Easily scalable. Add new apps and modules as your business grows.

5. Constantly evolving. You don’t need to wait around for an upgrade.

Odoo is an open complete solution that will take your business to the next level.


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