Odoo Setup and Customization

Properly set up Odoo to make sure it adds value to your process

OdooGap offers a dedicated team to help lead you through the bumpy road to success.

Implementing an ERP is always a hard endeavor. OdooGap is the right team to help you.

An ERP installation is more than just an IT process. Your entire company will change the way it works. So, you'll need a non-technical approach.

First, we need to have management support. Like quality systems, ERP implementation requires a direct involvement of top management. Not having this endorsement will bring difficulties about decision making, which affects how your company performs.

We are firm believers that we should deliver value as soon as possible. Any changes we make to the system should bring value in less than two to three weeks so your company sees ROI.

The OdooGap Approach

The First Steps...

Getting it up and running.

Server   Setup

We set up the server: Both locally and in the cloud.


We put a backup plan in place that fits your needs.

Initial Setup

You will need to check all accounting settings and plan the product category tree.

So now that you've started...

We will make a safe and fast plan to bring your team in.

Finding the Fastest Route

We will help you find the easiest way to bring Odoo to production ASAP. And your team to start using it .

Thinking About a Critical Path

We need to understand your business process and how we can move to Odoo without disrupting it.

Having a Fully Integrated System

The last step is the hardest... Leaving the legacy systems and have a fully integrated system. We will help you find the easiest and safest way.

Before starting to use Odoo

What you should know before you start

Demo data

Never start with a database that has demo data

as it's very hard to remove after.

Source Install

Always use a source install instead of package install

as this will make it easier and safer to manage

Odoo Studio

You can use Odoo studio for prototyping but we don't

recommend it on your production database

Planning your project

How to plan your Odoo project

Learning and Testing

First you should know Odoo process, most of the times

you can really avoid customization if you know how to use it

GAP Analysis

You tested and learned Odoo and you still think there is a distance

to your process. You should plan a GAP Analysis, we can help you 

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Plan You Phases

You should plan your implementation in a way that favors the learning

curve of your staff. Start with the easiest apps to implement.

Are you interested in our support and kickoff packages for development and project management?

Odoo • Image and Text

Odoo as a backend for your App

If you have a business idea or already have created your startup and you are searching for the right stack, search no more!

Odoo already has great technology choice based on Linux, Python and Postgres. Scalable, modern and with a big developer base. You can also use something like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud for powering your backend as your user base grows.

We can help you with React JS or Vue JS and Odoo as a middleware to implement your business rules and even make your apps more easy to maintain and code.

This is how we work: 

  • We collect your requirements understanding your business process

  • We will try hard to use out-of-box Odoo features because we care about ROI

  • We listen and understand, only after we will code

  • We will take your features through testing process before they land in production