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Our team is always developing new tools to help your business to succeed. Odoo is an amazing software with a wide range of modules. But, sometimes, there are some features missing.

The modules and apps cover most business necessities. Yet, every business is unique and may need something extra to get to the next level.

We developed solutions to fill the gaps of businesses that need personalised solutions. We go beyond helping you with managing Odoo and how to work with all its applications. We encounter problems and devise solutions.


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This new Odoo module allows users to submit Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (HMRC) VAT in the Odoo system.

With the UK HMRC VAT module, you are able to create and submit reports, mark and view journal entries.


Mailspring Odoo Connector

This is Mailspring plug-in that connects to Odoo.

Save time and quickly access information about your customers.

You don’t need to open Odoo to look for information about who you’re exchanging emails with.


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