Support and On-boarding Package Services

Odoo packages for your business needs

Support and kickoff packages for development and project management

A prepaid package will allow you spend the hours credit as you need

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packages are pre-paid and valid for a period of 12 months

All the work and time done will be auditable and traceable through our ticketing system

If you are having troubles with your existing Odoo server

Odoo instances On-boarding process:

  • Initial instance inspection where we check the deployment status of your Odoo Instance

  • Stage and development instance setup for support and development

  • Production release cycle definition so that you can be sure your instance will be always on

  • Backup and disaster recovery strategy planning and implementation


What does a pre-paid package mean?

A pre-paid package is a number of hours that you pay for us to work. You don't have to spend all the hours in one go. You buy a credit of hours that are controlled by tickets and spent on tasks.

In all packages, you have a number of hours to spend how you want, when you want.

*all packages have a validity of 1 year.

What do the packages include?

Each package includes premium services by an Odoo consultant. A Project Manager will analyse your requirements and configure Odoo to your needs. They will:

Train you to use Odoo’s features and functions

Customize if it's really needed

No matter what package you choose, our consultants will help you get started with Odoo. All packages are valid for a 12 month period.

Consultants can travel to your facilities, but travels and respective expenses are not included and will be invoiced separately.

What will an Odoo consultant do?

Before installation, a consultant will analyse how your business runs. Then, they’ll suggest the best way to use Odoo.

OdooGap will configure and train you to use Odoo. We do this with planned sessions. In these sessions, our consultants will have a deeper understanding of your company. And they’ll see what Odoo functionalities can be improved.

What if you have requirements that need development and ad hoc integration?

We offer services for more advanced business needs too. We have project management, development, training, installation, and integration services. These services are charged differently. Talk to us to learn more.