Odoo is MTD Compliant with ODOOGAP

We are pleased to announce that we are the first Odoo partners to have a MTD Connector recognized by HRMC

HMRC VAT module

If you’re a business owner, you regularly need to submit a VAT for Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Every now and then, this laborious task has to be done.

It's tiring and prone to mistakes. Extract journal entries. Process the data by hand in Excel or in other similar systems. Check everything.

It takes a lot of your time. 

All that data must be properly calculated. A simple mistake can cost your business money. If you don't notice an error, you will face penalties from 30% up to 100%, depending on the reason.

But, if you find a mistake, you have to report it within a time limit to avoid the penalties. You have to be fast going through all your data from the past to find the error and correct it.

The UK HMRC VAT module automates the VAT calculation of all your invoices and payments. This module simplifies this process significantly.

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You can stop your quest trying to find Excel formulas and sheets that may or may not work.

Our module does all the work with one simple click. Focus on your business and on more important tasks.

Take a look at the module's features


With the UK HMRC VAT module, you can create and submit reports, mark and view journal entries.

The Odoo module processes your data from journal entries and delivers a final report with that information.

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What this module is capable of, is not available in the Odoo Community Edition.

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The UK HMRC VAT module encompasses every invoice and payments made in a single report. You don’t need to configure the module: the system is completely automated.

Download the XLSX file.

The file has two sheets displaying the summary of the HMRC VAT and the balance of all the taxes in the system.

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Why waste time on something that can be done in seconds?

Install the HMRC VAT module today

Odoo Software

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Odoo is a suite of business software apps that cover all your company's needs. Odoo is capable of calculating your VAT of all your invoices and payments.

  No information imports or exports are needed - with a click of a button, your data is automatically processed and presented to you in a report.

  Say goodbye to special Excel sheets and formulas. Odoo knows how to correctly calculate the HMRC VAT according to the UK law.

Stop worrying about your HMRC VAT

Get the Odoo HMRC VAT module