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Looking to boost your success rate? With Odoo Sales, you can handle your business's CRM, Invoicing, Point of Sale, Subscriptions, Lead Tracking, and Closing Opportunities all on one user-friendly platform.

Odoo Sales Dashboard

eSignature or credit card online payment

Online quotation editor/creator

Negotiate directly on the quotation.

Upsell to boost your average revenue per order

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Organized Quotations

With Odoo, you can design clean quotation templates to send to our customers without any technical knowledge! Send modern designed quotes to close opportunities more easily! Odoo sales makes reviewing the offer from a mobile phone SO simple!

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Odoo Sign

Get rid of the painful manual processes. Odoo sign helps create, send, and receive online documents in just a few clicks. Stop doing printing and scanning, move to electronic signature!

Easily add fields to the documents such as initials, date, and name. Send the document to multiple people, they will sign their dedicated fields, and sign the document in just minutes!

100% secure. 



Odoo Point Of Sale

Handling your stock, sales, accounting and stock should be simple and fast! The easy to use interface allows you to serve multiple customers at once. Any retail company or restaurant can use POS without difficulty.

The POS can be used online or offline and is compatible with iPads, Android tablets or laptops.  


Odoo Dynamic Reporting

Get quick access to clear, detailed reports from any Odoo app.

Check out a pivot table with revenues, customize reports to fit with KPIs, show specific data, explore ANY data in depth, and more. Odoo Dynamic Reporting is also 100% compatible with Excel to export for further analysis.


Odoo CRM

Be productive and stay organized with Odoo CRM. Make the job easier for you and your team! Get a direct overview of your ongoing performance, the activity of the next seven days, and the performance of the last month. Have a structure approach to your performance.

Odoo CRM provides a detailed pipeline to organize your business opportunities in just a few clicks, drags and drops! Manage your calendar, send emails directly from the opportunity form in the CRM app. 

Get clear detailed reports of every activity based on predefined metrics or favorites!

Increase your success rate!

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